How to setup steering control

Steering controls are broken into two separate types. Newer cars use Digitial steering controls and those require a special canbus converter to be able to communicate with the upgraded Head Units. Vehicles that use digital steering controls come pre-programmed with the buttons setup.

Some vehicles come with resistive or voltage based steering controls and those units come wired already to be plug and play but are not programmed as the steering control version can change from model to model. These type of units have to follow the below guide to program the new head unit on how to identify each button.

Follow the below guide to teach the head unit which buttons are linked to which.

  1. Open apps (Normally shows all apps on the device.
  2. Select settings (Some devices have Car settings and Android setting). The below option should be under car settings
  3. Select Steering learn.

At this point, you will see all available options. All you have to do is select the appropriate button on the head unit and then hold the button down on the steering controls. It will give a confirmation once it has been learnt.

If it gives an error, then there might be an issue so please contract us and we will find out the issue and assist in resolving it.